UME Toys's completed "Venom" from Spider-Man is Amazing!

With that rotund body and slender limbs, you know this can only be the Richard "UME Toys" Page's "Venom" sculpture that we teased you with yesterday… now completed! Per usual, Page's sculpt is exquisite and I love how the paint job has a bit of a worn and weathered feel to it. The webbing accessory is a nice little addition to the piece, really selling this as the symbiote villain of the Spider-Man comics that we've all come to dread. I really hope that some company that does licensing notices how talented Page is at reinterpreting figures in a unique style while still paying homage to the original source, because I'd love to see this man's work released en masse. *** UPDATE *** This unique figure, which stands over 7-inches tall, may be available during New York Comic-Con… or before, depending on what Page decides. Fore more pictures... hit the jump!

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