Sucklord's NYCC Exclusive "Scrub from the Black Lagoon" prototype figure!

As this prototype 'sculpt' for the Sucklord's New York Comic-Con Exclusive comes together, we can see that my original guess — that this would be a 1/12th Scale (6-inch tall) rendition of his infamous "The Creature: Wrecked Souls of Forgotten War" figure — was probably right, given that it certainly appears to be the rough sculpt of a helmet on his head. Sadly, Sucklord is not positive he'll have the figure done in time for NYCC, but I'm loving the mashed-up elements and especially the rocks and skull on the base… it really spruces that element up nicely. Based off of a Moebius produced "Monsters from the Movies" series figure for "The Creature from the Black Lagoon," this latest addition to the "Scrubs of the Universe" line is being referred to, by me, as "The Scrub from the Black Lagoon."

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