Rsin's "Agent K" 3-inch Dunny from Kidrobot - Release and signing at NYCC 2012

That's right folks... the time has finally come, and I know Rsin is feeling the same way! After many years of busting his ass in the designer toy scene, this super hard working artist is finally getting his own production 3" Dunny from Kidrobot! Titled "Agent K" this little bugger comes armed with a memory ray in-hand, and looks to feature Rsin's signature "Whisper" style design... and to be honest, Kidrobot did things right by uniquely resculpting the head to really convey Rsin's artistic footprint! Even though this is a teaser, you know it's going to be awesome and feature a whole slew of bright, vibrant colors! These will be available October 12 and exclusively available at NYCC 2012 via the Kidrobot Booth #2909. They are limited to just 1,200 pieces world wide, and will retail for  $14.95!!! Oh, it gets better as Rsin will be signing on Friday, October 12 from 12-2pm... so if you plan on attending the con, come out to meet this super talented artist in person! Congrats man... and so well deserved!

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