MAD shows off his "Jade" resin Mini-MAD*L test pull!

MAD has just released info on his latest resin Mini-MAD*L... and what seems to have been a very good test into the material realm, his "Jade" colorway is looking really nice and is set to hit the market place in the very near future. Now, you may be asking... "What's up with that wonky looking MAD*L above", well according to MAD they completely re-enginered the mold so that the head and body can be poured as one piece. The reason for this is 3 part, it will allow for multi-color layers, will eliminate bubbles, and it makes the neck post bigger to cut back on breaking!!! Sounds like a WIN/WIN in my book! The final piece gets chopped, sanded, buffed, and polished... resulting in one fine piece of resin! More on this piece soon...

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