Gary Baseman x The Loyal Subjects x Tomenosuke - 6th anniversary "Rovno" Warrior vinyl figure release

As part of the upcoming 6th anniversary of Japanese based Tomenosuke, they continue to roll out exclusive releases and today they have announced a really cool version of Gary Baseman's Buckingham Warrior figure in the all new "Rovno" edition! This particular version was featured HERE as a teaser before the first colorway was released, and now the folks over at Tomenosuke have it as their exclusive! Produced by The Loyal Subjects, this figure is impressive in size, measuring in at 12" tall this spiky fella features several points of articulation (including the adjoining heads, arms and legs), and comes packaged in a closed, satin finished box. The "Rovno" edition features a striking blue/silver colorscheme, is the 3rd edition to drop, and will be limited to only 99 pieces worldwide! No word on a price just yet, but expect these to be around the $100-$150 price range... this figure is BIG! It will be up for grabs HERE at Midnight on September 29th!

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