AnkouEX (Retail ed.) by Ashley Wood... pre-order now!

Have you been keeping track of all the goodness that Ashley Wood and his team over at ThreeA have been releasing... well, if not, we got you covered with a little pre-order news to keep you satisfied... and this go around, it's brought to you by all your favorite retailers as this is an exclusive retailer release! The new AnkouEX figures are up for grabs with four different colorways. Oh, and for all you UK collectors out there, our friends over at Mintyfresh have theses up for grabs HERE right now! The AnkouEX are 1/6 figure and they stand 14.5" tall, and the retail editions come with a variety of accesoires like camo nets, track suits, Bomberjacks and much more. While you are visiting the Mintyfresh site, check out all the other ThreeA goodies as well... seeing as they just restocked WWRp Heavy Brambles, and a few extra Euro Exclsuive Euro Defence Brambles!

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