8-inch "Mecha Dunny" from Frank Kozik... teased with the reveal of a bundled screen-print!!!

Kidrobot had teased that something was dropping on October 1st... and said to follow the hasthag #MechaDunny on twitter for clues... well the man behind the original 3-inch tall Mecha Dunny, Frank Kozik, just revealed that dropping this Sunday, September 30th at 12noon PST via his site HERE, will be an 8-inch version of his breakthrough Dunny design. He also mentions that this will come bundled with the 4-color screenprint that you see above. There will only be 111 of these up for grabs. There is no mention no a price just yet... and I find it interesting that it's being released exclusively through Frank's store. **UPDATE** They will be retailing for $100 plus shipping for the set, and then later on Kidrobot stores will have these available for $85... but that does not come signed or with a print! (Thanks Trampt)

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