Watch Gallery Girls Episode 1 for free… Prepare for the Sucklord to be on the show!

As we'd previously mentioned, there is a new BravoTV reality show entitled "Gallery Girls", which follows seven young women who dream of breaking into the cutthroat world of New York City gallery life. In the above photo are Chantal and Claudia, two of the co-owners of the End Of Century gallery and 'cast members' of the show, talking with The Sucklord. For fans of The Sucklord, you might recall that End Of Century gallery was the location of his Occupy Cybertron show and it certainly appears that at some point in this first season we'll see the preparation for and execution of his gallery exhibit. While Sucklord is not in the first episode, it does involve the opening of the gallery space and gives you background on the characters… plus, right now, it's free to watch on Amazon! So click HERE and check out the first episode for free!

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