Splurrt's upcoming "Usir" is a Lovecraftian take on Osiris!

Wonderful neo-kaiju designer Splurrt is preparing to release his newest figure, Usir, "hopefully in a few weeks" with a promise of "release details soon" on his Twitter feed. Like some sort of goat-headed creature from a Lovecraftian tale, it's no coincidence that Usir's teethy head mutation vaguely resembles an Egyptian crown… Usir was another name for Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Afterlife, the Underworld and the Dead; a correlation that is re-enforced by the header card text: "The Morning Star, the King, you are a mighty God, and there is no God like you… Usir, cursed with the burden of immortality." Cast in blood red vinyl that Splurrt decided to leave unpainted for initial release, these figures appear to be around 3 to 4-inches tall and — we're told — they'll retail for $45 to $50 apiece when available.

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