Skinner tackles Bigfoot... with an EPIC result!

My main man Skinner got ahold of a few of Bigfoot's new "Forest Warlord" figures and added his own flair to them... the end result... a massive conglomeration of hyper colors merging together to form one badass looking custom vinyl figure! One thing I can say about Skinner and his art... it keeps getting better and better over time, and his airbrushing skills have really been fine tuned the last year or so... I mean, those fades and gradients are spot on, and who would have thought that those color combos would have worked together... and in all honesty, this is one of the coolest custom painted vinyl figures I have seen in quite sometime. Tell me I'm wrong!!! Soooo... if you are all about this, like I am, it's up for grabs and all interested parties can email Skinner for the lowdown via his site HERE!

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