Pretty in Plastic turns Gallery1988 into the Super Lab from Breaking Bad!

When we posted the other day about the Julie B. & Pretty in Plastic chemical drum pieces for the upcoming "Breaking Bad Art Project" group show at Gallery1988 Melrose, curated by Breaking Gifs, we were slightly wrong; those weren't singular art pieces, but rather a small bit of a massive installation the fantastic Pretty in Plastic crew were hired to do… turn Gallery1988 into the Super Lab (from Breaking Bad) for the exhibition. Sounds absolutely amazing, right? Thankfully, our good friend Julie B. took some amazing photographs of how she turned Gallery1988's dream into a reality…

"The Breaking Bad Art Project," presented by Breaking Gifs, opens on August 20th from 7-10PM at Gallery1988, 7020 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038. Participating artists include: Jonathan Way$hack, Ken Garduno, Mike Mitchell, Travis Louie, Kyle Norris, Pretty in Plastic, Aled Lewis, Carlos East of The Beast Brothers, Bennett Slater, Jesse Riggle, Brad Hill, Casey Weldon, Glen Brogan, JoKa, Nicole Guice, Kiersten Essenpreis, Matt Taylor, Mayra Fersner, Scott Derby, Ian Glaubinger, Michelle Coffee, Rich Pellegrino, Joey Spiotto, Lora Zombie, Marz Jr. and shoes on display from Jon Defreest!

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