"Night Terror" limited edition resin owl & skull sculptures from Matt A*

Artist Matt A* just sent word about a really cool limited edition run of resin sculptures that he is now putting up for pre-order... and what started out small, turned into a 300+ hour project! This version of the "Night Terror" measures in at 16" tall from base to top, and a wing span of 24". This first set of 10 pieces will also include a special Skull accessory, measuring in at 4" sculpted and painted to match, that can be placed in the claw of the Owl. Each will be hand painted in a glossy Bronze paint, and the Skull in a Purple Pearl, by Matt A* himself. The price for these first 10 will be $200 plus shipping... a steal!!!! After the first 10 sell, the normal price for the "Night Terror" owl will be $250, or $300 with the additional skull accessory. Estimated shipping on these will be DECEMBER of 2012. I really like the idea of an original sculpt from Matt... and the fact that these are being made so affordable, it's just crazy! To reserve your Pre-order spot, and to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity, visit Matt's online store HERE.

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