La Muerta x Motorbot x Killer Napkins - "The Clown Box" original resin figure... coming soon!

We have been following the progress of this awesome new resin figure collab via the La Muerta Instagram feed for the past few months now, and seeing as they just posted up another teaser... we figured, why not put up a post compiling all that we know! So here it is... a whole slew of WIP pictures of a new resin figure that La Muerta will be releasing titled "The Clown Box"! This figure measures roughly 6" x 4" x 2", was concepted out by none other than Killer Napkins, who is also doing the sculpting on it... and as you can see, this very unique figure is coming along nicely... BRAINS!!!!! According to La Muerta, this is being cast by Motorbot as an edition of around 25 pieces and each one will be handpainted! No word on a release just yet, or a price, but we will keep digging to see what we find out... until them, enjoy those photos above and get ready!

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