JC Rivera's Bokull & Bearlee resin figures now available!

The ever-impressive JC Rivera continues to astound! While best known for his custom figures, he's been slowly releasing original resin figure designs in limited runs… and they are every bit as amazing as his original paint work! Today sees the release of not one but two figures in Rivera's growing array: the 2.5-inch tall Bokull, the skull-headed creature in the middle of the above picture, and the 3-inch mix-n-match Bearlee "The Broken Champ," pictured on the sides above. The Bokulls are $20 each and you can select which color you would like out of Yellow, Solid Yellow, Blue, Black and White, while the Bearlees are randomly assembled color-wise but cost only $18 each! Both are available now in Rivera's online shop!

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