INSA x LALA Arts to release three limited prints today!

To commemorate INSA's trip to Los Angeles to decorate the massive Art Share LA building — which he has the lovely help of fans to thank — and his inclusion in the Public Works project, INSA has teamed-up with LALA Prints to produce several version of his new "LA Rainbow Heel" piece. Each of these 7-color split fountain gradient prints has been hand-pulled by Master Printer Lino Martinez and incorporates NovaColor gloss spot varnishing as well as East LA's finest metal flakes from 'Big Mike.' Present on over 30"x30" premium 320 GSM Coventry Paper, each print comes signed, stamped and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. But what truly separates the three editions is the final treatment on the black areas… The above pictured "Black Magic Edition," limited to 20 copies for $250 each, has black that "looks like a standard spot varnish in low light but, as light hits [the] black, [it] has a metallic sparkle!"
The "Ruby Red Edition," on the other hand, is also limited to 20 copies but at $300 each. For these, the black areas have a subtle "red shine but as light hits shows a deep ruby red metallic sparkle!"
The final version — the "Silver Galaxy Edition" — is limited to a mere 5 copies that will cost $500 each. This print features "silver speckle across the black that really sparkles with the light, full spectrum metallic shine!" All these prints will be available starting at 10AM PST today (August 9th, 2012) in the LALA Arts website.

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