Hungry Jack's "Monsters of the World" toys are coming to a kids meal near you!!!

SS.com readers are the best... that being said, we have just been sent some really cool images and information regarding some new kids meal toys, from the land down under! Hungry Jack's (the Australian arm of Burger King) appears to be stepping up their kids meal toys, and although we don't usually cover stuff like this on our site... how could we not, I mean... they are monsters! The theme for this new series is "Monsters of the World", and features fun representations of mythological creatures from around the world... and as you can see from the image above we have the Cyclops, the Yeti, and the Bunyip (an Australian mythological creature). These are due to be in Australian Hungry Jack's restaurants within the next couple of months and are included with the kid's meals... pretty cool! So I guess if you like what you see, and your not in Australia, time to find a mule and tell them to order up some kids meals for you.

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