Dez Einswell's Star WArs inspired "Imperial" Wok-R resin figure... is awesome!!!

Ahhhh Instagram!!!! Artist Dez Einswell posted up an image today of his second Star Wars inspired colorway... the "Imperial" Wok-R resin figure... but more importantly, along with the picture, was the release info as this limited edition of just 10 pieces is up for grabs via Dez's online webstore HERE for just $280 each. The entire leg/body chassis was originally sculpted by J★RYU, making this massive 8” figure super unique in nature! Each one is hand painted by Dez to resemble a TIE Fighter Pilot... making it's matching SDCC 2012 exclusive "Sky" Wok-R that much more in demand. Do you have the set... well, head on over HERE now to pick it up!

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