“Blow Me: A tribute to cartridge gaming” online group show presented by Urban Vinyl Daily

Today, the folks over at Urban Vinyl Daily are proud to officially announce an online only group art show starting the first weekend of September in their online store HERE, and running the full month... and I am stoked to be apart of it! Along with myself, other artists included are: Matucha, Jeff Beck, Squid Kids Ink, Jason Chalker, Nerviswr3k, JFury, Rsin, ValleyDweller, Sergio Mancini, Ian Ziobrowski, nathan Hamill, J.C. Rivera, Igor Ventura, SpankyStokes, Luihz Unreal, and Carson Catlin! Titled “Blow Me: A tribute to cartridge gaming”, it's a show dedicated to all of you 80's kids, as all of the artists involved with the show have been tasked to pay homage to the classic days of gaming consoles... hence the "Blow Me" as most of you who had/have an og Nintendo system... you know that blowing on the cartridge was just the ticket to make that game play! Stay tuned for previews of pieces to be popping up here and there. For the most up to date info on this show, be sure to visit the UVD blog HERE.

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