BeeFy x Kuso Vinyl's "Ghost Tribe X Warrior" at Designer Con & WonderCon!

BeeFy & Co. have teamed-up with Kuso Vinyl to unleash a new designer toy upon the world: "Ghost Tribe X Warrior." Pictured above are the work in progress test shot prototypes, but this Japanese aboriginal design will come with not only the skull & shield accessories shown but also a spear & skull mask! The original 'flesh tone' colorway will be released in an edition of 250 copies at the 2012 Designer Con, but their will also be two alternate versions: the "Demon Edition," limited to 150 copies, coming out during the Winter  and the "Darkness Edition," limited to 100 copies, at the 2013 WonderCon. The estimated retail price of these figures is around $60 to $70 each, which seems like a steal considering what you're getting!

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