Art Attack Toys exclusive "Pandaimyo ‘Fire Clan Bear’ 5” Mini Qee" by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Well look what we have here, some really exciting news for the folks over at Art Attack Toys as they have just landed and announced their second store exclusive... the "Pandaimyo ‘Fire Clan Bear’ 5” Mini Qee" by Jon-Paul Kaiser x Toy2R!!! As some of you may remember from our last post HERE, where JPK released his AP's of this figure... well, now we know who it belong to and Art Attack Toys is bringing it!!!! Releasing TODAY on August 27, 2012 at 6pm PST via thier online store HERE, this rad "red" edition is limited to 300 pieces and will retail for just $27.95 a piece... a killer deal, in fact, buy two of them! Be sure to snag one up as soon as it goes live as I don't see these lasting too long!

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