Argonaut Resins "The Kings of Atlantis" resin mini skulls revelaed... with release info!

So I bet you have all been wondering what Eric of Argonaut Resins has been up to since our last post HERE about his upcoming Kings Of Atlantis mini skull series... well, here is the scoop! The first 25 of 100 mini resin skulls will be releasing on Monday August 20th at 10pm EST via the Argonaut Resins online store HERE... and hot damn do they look amazing!!! The series includes 10 Kings and with those, there are 10 colors, which includes: "War King" - Reds, "Vengeance King" - Oranges, "Sun King" - Yellows, "Peace King" - Silver, "Wealth King" - Gold, "Love King" - Pinks, "Sky King" - Blues, "Sea King" - Purples, "Forrest King" - Greens, and the "Wisdom King" - Bronze!

They will be blind-boxed in numbered mini-custom crate box packaging, and loaded up with many styles and colors from clear tints to jade tints and solids! There will be 3 glow in the dark chase skulls hidden in this wave... and as you can see from the photo above... these will be on the radar for all collectors out there, they look amazing! The mini Kings Of Atlantis skulls will go for $28 shipped in the US, and all skulls will be numbered on their bottoms! The powers that the skulls are rumored to have will be listed on the Argonaut Resins blog HERE all throughout the the coming weeks.

Source [Argonaut Resins Press]

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