REVEAL: Tristan Eaton x Vannen Watches's Breaking Bad Tribute Watch!

Now in it's fifth and final season, the AMC television show Breaking Bad — about a chemistry teacher turned crystal meth cook — is going to be paid tribute in the form of at least one art watch from Vannen. The high-end manufacturer has teamed-up with legendary artist & toy designer Tristan Eaton and Breaking Bad fan art site Breaking GIFs to produce a limited edition timepiece entitled "Containment" that every fan of the show will want. I certainly expected it to incorporate three elements: transparent blue, a hazy fog of yellow, and periodic table symbols… But, as you can see below, it doesn't! It went way more cool and cryptic then I could've expected… and we even understand that the reverse of the watch features the Heisenberg stylized skull logo (shown up top) engraved into it.

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