Jesse Hernandez x RAJE Toys - Mecha Azteca retailer info... does this mean it's releasing soon?

we have been following the progress of RAJE Toys latest project for some time now... and it appears that Jesse Hernandez's amazing "Mecha Azteca" figure is going to see the light of day... sooner rather than later! This massive 12” tall figure will come in three colorways : Regular (600 pieces), Shadow (200 pieces) and Jungle (200 pieces). The Regular figure will ship three to a case with the Shadow being a 1:4 chase colorway. The Jungle colorway, is an exclusive to retail store Limited Edition in the UK, but some of these editions will be made available to US based fans and stores via Legacy. The Mecha Azteca is priced $120 and retailers interested in stocking the Mecha Azteca should visit the RAJE Toys website HERE for info on carrying this product!

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