Jay222's Lady Vengeance x Max Toy Co.'s Drazoran = Lady Dinosaur custom for SDCC 2012

Take the head from Jay222's "Lady Vengeance" figure and affix it to the body of Max Toy Company's "Drazoran" piece, then paint the whole thing to make it look like is was meant to be that way, and what do you get? Jay222's "Lady Dinosaur" custom that will be available at Dragatomi's 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4935 for $100.

While the don't list the day and time of availability, I'm guessing it will coincide with the Jay222 and Max Toy Co. signing at 5PM-6PM on Thursday, July 12th… Could we also be seeing some new "Lady Vengeance" figures being released then? Hmm…

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