Frank Mysterio x Chauskoskis - "Antichrist 666" prototype on display at SDCC 2012

We just got some really cool pictures in from Frank Mysterio about an upcoming project that will soon be released in luscious Japanese vinyl... yup sofubi folks! This crazy looking demon is tentatively being called "Antichrist 666", and was originally a 2D piece of art by Frank... fast forward to what you see above as Walter J. aka Chauskoskis has taken the daunting task of turning this amazingly detailed figure into the 3D realm... and it's turning out awesome! Oh, and according to Frank, if you all plan on attending SDCC 2012, Chauskoskis will have the finished prototype on hand to show off... RAD!!! I for one am really interested in seeing what type of arms this beast will have, and as you can see from the above pictures, it looks like he will come with little back wings... sweet! I will get some up close and personal photos of this from the con so expect a full run-down review next week!

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