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Alarment's custom "The Provocateurs" for Miss Zukie's group show!

Alarment's pair of custom 4-inch Zukies, for the upcoming "Zukie vs. the World" group show, are some form of monstrous conjoined twins. Lacking teeth that gnash, this disturbing creation doesn't feel threatening but it certainly does have a visceral impact… which makes the title of "The Provocateurs" apropos, since they most certainly are provocative. The sculpting work is as beautiful as it is unsettling, with those exposed belly regions really drawing attention. Though the tiny, squinting eyes shouldn't be over-looked.

"Zukie vs. the World" opens tonight (July 27th, 2012) with a reception from 6-10PM and runs through July 29th at Toy Toyko's TT Underground Gallery, 91 2nd Ave., New York, NY 10003. Participating artists include: Adam Pratt, Alarment, AW177, Benny Kline, Blazon Birkhaus, Brian A, CashCannon, Chris Moore, Cyberphunkk, Davemarkart, Davidkraig, Ian Chapman, James Fuller, Jasin Dollin, Jeff Beck, Josh Marlar, Josh Mayhem, Ken Ziobro, LEWNATIK, Melodreama, MikeDie, Miss Zukie, Mr. Den, OsiRisORion, Scott Kinnebrew, Shawn Wigs, Tasha Zimich, Travis Lykins, VIOLENT CRATCHIT, YoMi, Zam Art, and Zukaty.

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