Rsin's customs for 'Urban Decay 3' show... are RAD!

Check out these awesome pieces Rsin did for the upcoming Urban Decay 3 show... and holy crap do they look great together, that being said... if you got the cash, buy them all, hahaha!!!! Rsin spent the past 2 months getting ready for this show, and what he doesn't sell will be on its way to SDCC 2012. Rsin got ahold of some really cool platforms, mostly Munny's and Dunny's... and he tried some new techniques on them... I especially am digging those antler pieces, really cool! On display will be "Bree", "Sluggy", "Skip", "Saruwatari", "Ember", and "Killeen"... all of which look awesome! The show itself opens on June 1st with an artist talk, and then the big opening is June 2nd. Rsin mentions that he, as well as a few other artists, are talking from 5pm-6pm... then the the show kicks off with live music and live demos at 7pm. Don't miss this show folks!!!

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