Kidrobot Black x Ron English - "America Depress" Art Toy... up for grabs right now!!!

We have been following the progress of this figure for a few weeks now, and after the many teaser pictures, speculation, and the full reveal... the next Kidrobot Black figure, designed by pop-artist Ron English, is up for grabs HERE right now! This piece brings a new 2D painting from Ron to life with this very suggestive wall handing titled "America Depress"! The massive piece of vinyl is 12" tall, limited to 200 pieces worldwide, and will carry a $400 price tag... Oh, and the piece features Mickey Mouse "Crucified" on a credit card... just like his OG painting, except we see now that this piece features a black/gold color scheme! I really can't imagine these will sell out too fast... that being said, if you buy one, I would love to see it mounted in your collection... also, what does Disney have to say about their beloved mouse being portrayed this way?

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