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Lunartik's "Waves" Heavy Metal Qee custom revealed!

We posted up HERE a few weeks back a nice little teaser of Matt "Lunartik" JOnes work-in-progress pic of this Heavy Metal Qee custom... well now, all has been revealed which leads me asking the question... where is the Qee? Well, it's there but instead of using a traditional QEE, Matt decides to use the Knuckle Bear version so it is almost like it should be a Heavy Metal Kunckle Bear... but those are just semantics I guess. The custom itself is very unique as it features a little guy riding in the head/cockpit of this submarine errrr Knucklemarine as he is waving at us. It actually makes me smile and I like how the title of it "Waves" has two meanings... the waves in the ocean and the wave of the little pilot! This custom along with many others will be on display and up for grabs at the Heavy Metal Qee show which is being hosted at the Forbidden Planet Megastore London from the 12th of April until the 19th of April.

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