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The "Sea-Borgs" are here from MonsterPants Toys!!!

What do you get when you cross sea creatures with borgs... isn't it obvious, "Sea-Borgs" of course and the first three Sea-Borgs are available now as 4.5" plastic resin figures from MonsterPants Toys. All are handmade and packaged by filmmaker, writer and artist James Felix McKenney. The toys are can be purchased individually for $20 each or $50 for the set of three at the MonsterPants Shop HERE! From the looks of it, the casting seems pretty great, and the resin is super clear.

"Once the sole inhabitants of a planet covered entirely in water, the beings that would become known as the Sea-Borgs were an advanced and peaceful race. Then one day an army of Invaders attacked their world, stripping it of its valuable natural resources and nearly wiping out the worlds' undersea civilizations. The survivors from the various kingdoms banded together, rebuilding their ruined bodies with cybernetic weaponry and armor in order to combat the alien attackers who continue to exploit and pollute their world." What a backstory... and I bet you mind is blown just like mine! Needless to say... these little guys want to invade your home, and quantities are limited, so be sure to order yours today!

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