*REVIEW* Lunartik's limited edition "ZX" Tea

For this LIVE review, we got our hands on Matt JOnes aka Lunartik's new limited edition "ZX Tea" series! This particular series features an all black "Lunartik in a Cup of Tea" figure with colorful eyes including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Purple. For this review we grabbed up the RED version and gotta say it's really nice! I am really digging the matte black of the body, the gloss black of the saucer and cup along with the stunning contrast of the red eyes!

Keep in mind, there are only 30 copies of each color being produced, for a total of 210 figures being made available. Each stands the normal 6.5" tall and comes with: a cup & saucer, silver stirrer & two sugar cubes. If you are a fan of this platform... or just a fan of one of those eye colors, this is a must have seeing as how different they are! You can pick one up HERE now for just £30 a pop, and if you need more persuasion... watch the above interactive review I did!

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