Nathan Hamill's GIANT fiberglass 3.5 foot tall "Prometheus" edition Bellicose Bunny!!!!

Spotted at Nathan Hamill's "Bellicosity" show that opened last weekend, sans rabbit, was a GIANT rocket... and unfortunately for show goers that giant centerpiece was lacking something... and that's because customs wanted to keep that bunny a few days to check out... it's obviously suspicious :-) Well, not the two have been paired together and for those super fans of Nathan's work out there... you can now own what he is calling the "Prometheus" edition! Crafted from fiberglass and measuring 40" tall by 45" long, this massive beast can be yours for a pretty hefty price tag... which by the way can be found out if you wanna by him by contacting Toy Art Gallery via info@toyartgallery.com!

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