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Crappy trinkets to fit any budget by Beast Boutique

Do you miss those old throwback toys from yesteryear... well, our pal Walter IV has recently started his own little side project called the 'Beast Boutique' and he plans to bring back those old memories of cheap, plastic dimestore trinkets! Those classic, junky toys with the cheap castings and dusty packaging? First off, is the "Pocket Pooper"! A crappy, bootleg resin trinket that poops nothing but good-luck! Small enough for your pocket so you can carry it with you where ever you go! Comes complete with new, original header art. Oh... but there is more!!! Coming soon, the "STREET GHOUL"! Little is known about the Street Ghoul, the VHS Villain of bootleg videotapes. More info and release dates coming soon... but until then, head on over HERE now and pick up a "Pocket Pooper"!

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