Clear Mini-MAD*L in resin... releasing today?!?!?!

We keep on getting updates on the progress of MAD's mini-MAD*L resin figure... and as reported on a few weeks back HERE, HERE, and HERE we know that the drop is imminent! That being said, MAD has been busy hand polishing each and every one of these figures and on his Facebook page he noted that they would drop today... when that would be - he did not specify - but if you want one of these 20 piece all clear mini resin MAD*L's... then I suggest you both keep checking his online store HERE as well as follow him on his new Twitter account HERE for up to date info! Best of luck to all that get one... and judging by the response these have had, they are going to be gone in blink of an eye!

These ended up going LIVE at 1:47pm PST and within minutes, 20 of these little guys sold out!!!! Congrats MAD, and it appears the MAD*L is still VERY alive and well :-)

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