Valentina Heartbreaker Is Ready To Eat You Up...

If there is one woman that you do not want to meet this Valentines Day it is this one. "Valentina" is her name and she is here to entice gentlemen callers back to her boudoir to have her way with you. But the catch is, like a praying mantis after she is done, the back of her head will lift up to reveal a nice set of teeth that will help make you her next happy meal.

"Valentina" was designed and painted by Tasha Zimich who in a previous mention had her amazing "A Gorey Demise Storybook" recently funded through IndieGOGO. "Valentina" was hand painted on a 7" Munny and will be shown at The Rusted Nail Gallery at their February, 10th Valentines Day themed show titled "I <3 Munny".

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