An ultra-limited edition monster mash-up: The Plaseebo Mummy & The Bacteria Monster

Plaseebo's mascot Legend of… figure is being merged with the Mexican company Monster Love's Bacteria to form a new hybrid horror that you'll surely want to adorn your shelf for years to come. Sitting a massive 6" tall, these are sculpted in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and have a motion-actived color-changing LED inside their heads. Sign me up, you're surely screaming, but here's the catch: only 5 of these hand-built and hand-painted figures are being made. All signed and numbered by Bob Conge of Plaseebo, these ultra limited monsters will cost $200 each. They are being sold by lottery, meaning you can sign up for a chance to buy one of the five and names will be drawn at random. The entry deadline is Wednesday, February 8th and serious applicants should send their name, address & e-mail address to bob [at] plaseebo [dot] net to be placed in the drawing.

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