Tara McPherson x Vinyl on Vinyl - Limited edition "Lucius and Mountains" resin figure revealed!

New York-based artist Tara McPherson returned to Manila and this second visit to you Vinyl on Vinyl showcased a few new surprises from this super talented artist... and how fitting as Vinyl on Vinyl is celebrating their second anniversary! Tara pulled out all the stops for this show as revealed above and in conjunction with VoV, was a very special resin Toy release titled "Lucius and Mountains", inspired by her legendary Melvins poster. This rad looking 13" tall resin cosmonaut comes decked out in the pastel color pallet that Tara is know for and is rocking an awesome 'finger-stache'! Along with that main figure, "Lucious" also comes with some cosmic pink mountains... to complete the scenery :-) I love how clean this piece is, and according to Sean of Cotton Candy Machine there are only 35 of these made and they are retailing for around $450 a pop. If interested contact Vinyl on Vinyl asap as I can see these being snatched up pretty quick!

Source[ShotGunSean Instagram]

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