Supersized 5ft tall fiberglass "DEATHEAD" figure from David Flores... is AWESOME!!!

Speaking of Skulls... check out this massive 5' tall (yes that is FIVE FEET) "DEATHEAD" figure from artist David Flores! Now that is one HUGE beast!!!! Not much is known about the figure except that it is going to be produced in fiberglass, other than that there is no word on a quantity or when it will be released. We do have a pretty good hunch though that this may be for David's show coming up in April at Toy Art Gallery titled "Bad News Travels Fast"... as TAG has been in the business of supersizing figures for artists! We also do know that the smaller 11" version of this figure (produced by BIC Plastics) is set to make its debut in April as well... so all signs point to that month. More on this once it's revealed!

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