*REVIEW* MAD x Pobber Toys - Prisoner '816' & '913' the Mork twins

Pobber Toys and MAD have teamed up for an awesome figure drop, and I got my hands on the first release of this rad "MORK" figure set... and figured, why not review them... so away we go! Above is a LIVE review we did where MAD and Jake of Pobber Toys joined in on the conversation, so give it a watch so you can see all angles of it! First spotted at NYCC 2011, and released in very limited quantity at the myplasticheart booth... prisoner '816' & '913' better known as the Mork twins are some of MAD's best work to date. Not only do these figure have some serious style to them, but the folks over at Pobber Toys did an outstanding job with the production of these figures... I mean some serious crisp lines, clean packaging, and an all around great consumer experience.

Both figures stand at 6.5″ tall, have5 points of articulation, and feature a rad pot/bucket helmet accessory! They are limited to just 100 pieces each, and as it stands right now... you can only purchase '913' at select vinyl toy retailers worldwide! As the story of this figure goes... Mork is a boastful monster who wants to be a superhero, so he puts on a kitchen pot and tries to be a hero... and as you can see he sure looks proud with that pot on his head! Do yourself a favor and track these down, because retailing at only $65 each is a steal!!! Oh, and be sure to tune into SS.com this Friday, February 10th, 2012 as we will be giving this set of figures away during one of our FREE GOODIE FRIDAY contests... YEAH!!!!!

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