Morphik - Wearable art featuring Junko Mizuno, Bob Dob, Dust, Nathan Ota, and more... AWESOME!

Have you ever wanted to rock your favorite artists art on your wrist... well, now you can thanks to Morphik... with some serious style I might add! Inventing jewelry that combines both authentic artwork and rich, relevant fashion fabrications, the pieces present an innovative outlet for expression. Morphik’s signature offering is a group of unisex bracelets... nice and thick, almost like newer watch styles, feature authentic images of interchangeable artworks. Printed on genuine fine art paper and placed under a scratch resistant cover these renderings are set securely inside stainless steel frames, which are then dropped and locked magnetically into the branded wristbands. Band options include a variety of luxury skins in stylish colors, including Patent Leather, Vintage Cow, Natural Python and more.

Recognizing that art is subjective, the interchangeable artwork selection spans classifications ranging from Painting to Graffiti, Photography to Street Art and more. A convenient build-a-band tool on the companies website allows YOU to mix and match bands and artworks before ultimately selecting a combination for purchase. Each bracelet arrives in a beautiful window-front box for display. The artwork comes in a separate box in which it locks onto a chrome pedestal. The box then transforms into a frame, which can be hung on the wall as a work of art... they seriously though of EVERYTHING!!! They also donate a percentage of profits to affiliate art organizations as selected by the artists themselves. These look so great and for just starting out they have an amazing cast of artists... and I am sure that will grow. Head on over to their site HERE now to pick up some truly unique, wearable art pieces!

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