Michael Lau's "I Love Zex" 6-inch vinyl figure is coming!

Back in 2009, Michael Lau released a 12" tall figure named Zex, which was obviously inspired in appearance by photographer Terry Richardson. Part of Lau's 6" tall Gardener series, I Love Zex re-releases the figure in a slightly re-imagined form. A little more blocky cut, this stylized version comes with an actual necklace on the figure and — well — very little else. Please note: While not actual nudity, those that don't want to see a naked man vinyl figure should not click through to look at the next picture of this figure…

The figure will go on sale on March 1st and only be available until March 11th. It will cost $699HK (approx. $90US) and will be exclusively at CrazySmiles. Images & information courtesy of Dudebox blog and Think Contra blog.

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