Fugi.me prints launches with Jon-Paul Kaiser, Triclops Studio, and Sneaky Raccoon

Fugi.me is a new UK-based underground designer fine art print company and, after their February 1st launch, their initial offerings of pieces by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Triclops Studio, and Sneaky Raccoon all look beautiful and worthy of hanging on your walls. Each print is limited to a mere 50 copies measuring 16" x 16" in size with no less than 3 colors used to make each lithograph. They all come hand-numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

(L-R) "Tolteca Print" by Jon-Paul Kaiser, "Clop Swap" by Triclops, and "The Right Fish in the Sea" by Sneaky Raccoon. Forthcoming prints by Cris Rose and Podgy Panda have already been announced. Starting strong, Fugi.me wants you to know that they are a company to watch — which you can do on the web at fugi.me or on Twitter at @fugi_me.

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