Monster Worship's Superfest 58 releases... GRAPE?

I like grape, grape flavor, grapes to eat... and it appears that the folks over at Monster Worship do as well seeing as they just release their whole line-up of figure in a delicious looking 'GRAPE' color for Japan's Superfestival 58 convention that went down a few weeks ago. This was an exclusive colorway specifically made for Superfest but due to time constraints, MW could only make a very limited quantity of each figure... and all the leftover figures are going to be available in the MW store HERE on Friday January 27, 2012 at 7PM EST! Limited to just one figure per person, you have the choice of: Kusogon - $35, Altar Beast - $35, Altar Beast - $50 (1 off rubs / 2 available), Greasebat - $75, and Cannibal Fuckface - $75. Don't miss out on these folks!

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