Crazylabel x Philipp Jordan- "1000 Teddies" figure

We just got word from Andy of Crazylabel that in collaboration with German toy shop Kingplayer.de they have just announced a new, loveable, vinyl figure... just in time for the New Year! This LARGE 8" designer vinyl figure is based on the 1000 Teddies installation, which brings Philipp Jordan's (who has an awesome website I might add) teddy from canvas to the third dimension. 1000 Teddies - an installation consisting of 1000 canvases of various formats. Displayed in a large room, the images come to life and unfurl their power... and as you can see in the image below... what a grand exhibition it was!

It's a really cool concept, and I feel as though the figure does Philipp's 2D work justice... in fact, it's pretty crazy the amount of similarities there are between the figure and the 2D work. The colors, the texture of the bear, the shading, the expression... it all translated over very well! The figure itself is limited to just 400 pieces, and can be picked up HERE for just $75 each. Do keep in mind that this is 8" tall, and quite thick... making it a pretty sizable figure! Philipp has another solo exhibition in the Netherlands on 1/20/2012... so keep track of his shows HERE.

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