Vannen x Descendents - "Cool To Be You" watch

We showed off a nice little teaser HERE last week for an awesome release that had us super pumped... and Vannen Watches is proud to announce the release of their first band watch, and what better way to kick it off with the Descendents!!! Probably one of the best punk-rock bands to grace this earth, Vannen has captured the look and feel of the band by utilizing the design based on their last studio record "Cool To Be You" and transforming it into a timeless, limited edition, timepiece dubbed the "Cool Watch"! Limited to 300 pieces and set to retail for $85 each, "Cool Watch" is signed and numbered by the entire band, and six watches will come with special coupons, redeemable for a limited edition, 18" X 24" screen print designed by artist Brian Ewing that is redeemable for a Descendents print that Brian created for their NYC show back in September. Oh, and here's the kicker... each watch is coffee-scented. YES! Each watch smells like coffee, and if you are a true Descendents fan, you will fully appreciate this feature :-)

I can remember seeing the Descendents on New Years Eve back in 1995 and think how cool it was, so you can guarantee I will be snagging one of these up. "Cool Watch" will be available only at descendentsonline.com, vannenwatches.com, Kingsroadmerch.com, select Newbury Comics locations, and Descendents live shows. This turned out bitchen, and after seeing this watch I am curious to see what other plans Vannen has up their sleeves in terms of bands, but in the meantime do me a favor, don't sit in the corner eating sour grapes... because this watch is available now, so get it while the getting is good!

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