The Super Sucklord presents: "Occupy Cybertron" @ End of Century Gallery in NYC 12/07/2011

In his first official event since being voted off Bravo's "Work of Art" television show, The Sucklord will offer for sale selections from a new body of work paying homage to the Occupy Wall Street movement... and you never know what to expect from something with such a rabid following, so be prepared to have your mind blown by some truly sucky pieces of "art"! This is all going down on December 7th, 2011 from 7pm-9pm at End of Century Gallery where the Sucklord, acting as the leader of the Decepticons, will defend his vast fortunes against a solidarity protest of Autobots, which represent the 99%! A small batch of limited edition OCCUPY CYBERTRON trading cards have been produced for the event by a collaboration between Suckadelic, Appro Nation, and Sidekick Media where a free pack of cards will be given to anyone who attends the event in a costume relevant to the theme. The Sucklord will also be offering a limited quantity of custom art toy action figures in 8”, 3 ¾” and 3” scales for sale. Don't miss this!

237 Eldridge Street,
NY, NY 10002

Source[Sucklord Press]

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