MPH x David Healey - “Mein” & “Jin Baba” resin figures

MyPlasticHeart has just announced yet another holiday release, and this time it's with NYC resin artist David Healey to release two of his most popular characters in exclusive MPH coloways. “Jin Baba” the boogeyman and the explosive “Mein” figures... and how friggen cool do these look! As you can see these 4" tall figures are cast in clear resin and are available in both the smokey Frosted Haze and Frosted Violet variations... really allowing the textures of each sculpt to shine.

I personally really dig the “Jin Baba”, something about the rippling goo covering the whole body... it looks so rad! These figures are made in very limited quantities and are available HERE right now for $39.99 each... don't sleep folks!

Source[MPH Press]

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