Lulubell Toy's GRAND OPENING & Skin Deep show!!!

We first posted up Scott Wilkowski's amazing "Skin Deep" show that made its debut at Designer-Con 2011, well just like the majority of DKE currated shows, this one is traveling and is making its stop in Arizona... and it's a special occasion. Join the folks over at Lulubell Toy Bodega their Grand Opening in Mesa, Arizona which also includes their first full blown gallery and that is where they will be hosting "Skin Deep" to celebrate! Skin Deep opens Friday, December 9th from 6 to 9pm, during Downtown Mesa's second Fridays. Scott Wilkowski's amazing skull imbued designer toys includes Buff Monster's "Buff Monster", Luke Chueh's "Possessed", Frank Kozik's "Labbit", October Toys "Gwin", Suckadelic's "Sucklord" and Scott Tolleson's "Otis & Otto" and each of the six hand-cast resin editions are done in two colorways each. This show/opening is one you don;t want to miss out on, and I can say that with assurance because seeing these pieces in person is a wonderful thing... so rad!

Lulubell Toy Bodega / Lulubell Japan / Cherry Vinyl
128 W. Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201
480.733.5858 (LULU)

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