"A Little Bit Pink" GID Mummy Boy & "Yuletide" Honoo from Super7

It seems like I am on repeat when it comes to Super7 releases... because as we approach another weekend, they are dropping yet again a few more rad vinyl figures... and I gotta say I am all in! First up is a the mascot of Super7, Mummy Boy dubbed "A Little Bit Pink" who is cast in GID vinyl with Pink sprays... KISS (keep it simple stupid), and my goodness does this version look good! They will retail for $50 each. Next up is my all time favorite Super7 piece, as they roll out a little festive cheer with Leecifer's "Yuletide" Honoo, who by the way comes blind bagged with a chance at 2 different versions. 'Undecorated' and the 'Decorated' chase filled with tinsels. Leecifer's Honoo is cast in clear green vinyl, and the 'Undecorated' version has silver, red, green and brown sprays, where the 'Decorated' chase version has silver, green, yellow, brown sprays and is filled with tinsel... and they will retail for $35 each. All of these are set to drop this Friday, December 16th at Noon Pacific at the Super7 Store and online.

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