"High & Dry" custom by Task One

Task who?!?!?! Yep, you read it right folks, Task One is back in action after moving from place to place he is finally hanging his hat in the great state of Colorado, has his studio up and running and is back to creating AWESOME customs, and above is his first one outta the gates! This custom Coarse Toys "Jaws" figure has totally been reinterpreted by Task, in a way that has not been done yet by any other artist out there and how SWEET did this turn out!?!?! This was completed as a commission for a KR boardie, who y the way was very patient with task... but I think they have got to be stoked with he end result. Who would have ever thought to use the shark helmet as an actual shark busting outta the water with the main figure in the mouth... soooo clever! I am really happy to see Task back in action and I look forward to the next email he sends over with more custom work!

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